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Tuks FM hosted an Alumni Reunion in Pretoria on Saturday which was attended by some 80 Tuks FM’ers of years past.

The event was an attempt to bring together the different eras of Tuks FM, and celebrate the radio station that in most cases was the start of a lifelong love for radio and media. The event was attended by well known alumni including Anele Mdoda, Rian van Heerden, Ayanda MVP and Rob Forbes.

Van Heerden, who was a guest speaker, said Tuks FM was where he discovered a passion he didn’t know existed. “Tuks FM gave me a career. I was just another law student when I came across a poster advertising for radio presenters at what was then Radio Tuks. I walked into the interview with my briefcase and said I wanted to be on air. From there, I discovered my calling in life; much more than just a job. And I have Tuks FM to thank for that.”

Bronwyn Hardick, who was part of Tuks FM’s marketing department in the early 2000s, said “A huge thank you to Tuks FM’s management for taking the initiative to make the Alumni Reunion happen. It was really special to have so many rad, passionate people together in one room.”

The event also featured an auction in which items such as posters, photo boards and newspaper articles were sold to the highest bidder.

The Alumni Reunion will become a regular part of Tuks FM’s events calendar moving forward.

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We regret to inform you that Tuks FM management has taken the decision to indefinitely postpone the drafting of the open letter we had initially planned for today (5 September 2019).

The times we find ourselves in don’t allow us to be quiet and indifferent, but require us to work together to find solutions that will enable a safer environment for our listeners and therefore the greater Tshwane area. However, due to the sensitive nature of the current climate, it’s important to also protect the individuals that would contribute to this environment. A new date for the drafting of the open letter will be communicated in due course. Your presence and participation in this effort would still be much appreciated.

We remain unwavering in our stance against Gender-based Violence and Xenophobia.

Kind Regards,

Your Tuks FM Family

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Tuks FM’s crew, including over 40 new recruits, enjoyed a day of learning and networking with some of the station’s big name alumni at the weekend.

The training day, which was the culmination of a week-long orientation period for the new recruits, featured five alumni as well as a regular contributor to Tuks FM in the events space.

Each speaker was selected to offer their specific expertise to the different departments (presenting, news, music, activations and events, social media, tech/production). They presented an hour-long training session with the relevant department followed by a networking session during which time volunteers were given the opportunity to engage with any of the speakers.

Ayanda MVP (947) chatted to the presenters; Nadia Romanos (5FM) hosted a talk with Tuks FM’s news department; Zanele Potelwa (5FM) chatted to the station’s social media department, while JD Mostert (Kaya FM) trained the technical and production department. Sony Music’s Monique Stander offered her insights to the music department, and Rob Perreira (RAM Touring) shared his knowledge with Tuks FM’s activations and events department.

Tuks FM relies heavily on its alumni to give back to their alma mater by sharing their knowledge with tomorrow’s broadcasting talent. Previous alumni to have offered their services include Rob Forbes (5FM), Robbie Kruse (5FM) and Rian van Heerden (Jacaranda).

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Tuks FM would like your inputs for an open letter we will be writing to the South African Police Service and the City of Tshwane regarding the recent spate of gender-based violence and xenophobic attacks in the city as well as across the country.

If you’d like us to amplify your voice, please send your inputs to or DM us on any of our social media platforms:

You can also Whatsapp us on 061 720 1072.

We stand with you in this time of uncertainty and fear, and hope that government will hear our voices.

The letter will be handed over on Friday. If you’d like to join us on the day, follow the above social media pages for all the details.

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Every year in August and February, Tuks FM interviews for new recruits to join our team of volunteers.

This intake was different though, as the ‘newbies’ had to go through a reinvented week-long orientation process, affectionately dubbed Steve Week. Leanne Kunz, Tuks FM’s station manager, says the purpose of Steve Week is threefold: “Tuks FM is expanding rapidly and with that comes new positions and roles for our volunteers which are essentially uncharted territory for us. So firstly, Steve Week is about ensuring every volunteer understands who we are, who we speak to, our vision, mission, ethos and culture. It’s also about informing volunteers of their roles and responsibilities and exactly where their department fits in within the broader organisation.

Kunz says Steve Week is also about bridging the divide between the new recruits and existing volunteers. “We found that the new recruits were forming their own friendships while the ‘oldies’ stuck to their groups. The activities we created for Steve Week ensured that the newbies had to interact with the oldies and were made to work in teams to achieve certain outcomes. This proved very effective in bringing the two groups together.”

“Finally, Steve Week is about creating a sense of pride of belonging to Tuks FM; an understanding that this is the best possible platform to learn, gain valuable work experience and a skill set that will stand volunteers in good stead for the rest of their careers”, said Kunz.

Steve Week included a Tuks FM Olympics – in which teams participated in egg and spoon races, wheelbarrow races and several games aimed at encouraging social interaction – a Tuks FM Quiz and a Radio Drama. The week ended with a ‘Graduation Day’ which featured a full day’s training and a welcoming ceremony for the new recruits. Six Tuks FM alumni – Ayanda MVP (947), Monique Stander (Sony Music), JD Mostert (Kaya FM), Nadia Romanos (5FM), Zanele Potelwa (5FM) and Rob Perreira (RAM Touring) chatted to the crew and shared their knowledge in their specific fields of expertise.

Steve Week will no become a bi-annual event, with new recruits going through the process before starting training for their specific departments.

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