Just you and me, baby!

What happens when an influenza pandemic shuts down entire countries? Young, funky radio stations create magic! As from Friday 27 March until the lockdown ends on 16 April, Tuks FM will bring you “Quarantine Connection” – radio designed to bring us all together in our isolation. #AloneTogether

Here’s what we’re doing to make your lockdown a little less lonely:

Our presenters will host shows from the comfort of their homes (obvs) and bring you relatable stories you can get involved with while you’re in quarantine. Did we mention these shows will be hosted on Whatsapp? As one of the biggest social media platforms in the world (and the major form of communication among the youth market) we figure the best way to reach people on platforms other than the usual FM band or digital streaming feed, is to meet them there. Let’s hang, ok?

We’ll host features that will involve online participation via social media, video or voice connection, interspersed with informative content regarding the latest COVID-19 updates. Our presenters’ main aim during this time will be to humanise this crazy reality we all find ourselves in and tell relevant, relatable stories to bring us all together (as only radio can!)

Our newsdesk will also host video news bulletins five times per day, which they’ll write and record at home. We will then post these on our social media feeds to keep you in the know regarding the more serious elements of this virus (because let’s face it, this is one of the most serious things that’s happened to the world in many, many years!)

And, our social media team will be producing some amazing, interactive digital infotainment on all our platforms to make sure you’re getting involved on every level! Think online challenges, games and loads of video content to link the whole Quarantine Connection movement together.

So, as we face 21 days in unified lockdown, let’s give a shout out to and show support for those working hard to keep the nation safe, healthy, informed and entertained.