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South Africa’s premier campus radio station wants YOU!

We’re offering registered students of the University of Pretoria a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience and extensive training in the broadcast media space. Tuks FM is currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Events Coordinators;                        
  • Videographers;
  • Presenters;
  • Webmasters;                                                                   
  • Social Media Marketers;
  • Music Compilers;                                                              
  • Audio Producers;
  • Activation Marketers;                                                    
  • News Readers; and
  • Graphic Designers.                                                         

Only registered students of the University of Pretoria will be considered. Application forms are available at our studios (1st floor, Student Centre, Hatfield Campus). These are voluntary positions.

Applications close on 2 August 2019.

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Tuks FM will feature prominently at this year’s Radio Days Africa conference, which is Africa’s biggest radio conference.

Programme Manager, Mike Bower, will host a talk about Tuks FM’s award-winning campaign, ‘Hear the Sights’, which won a 2019 Liberty Radio Award for the best radio innovation. Hear the Sights aimed to enhance the listening experience of students at the Prinshof School for the visually impaired by taking them on a sensory journey during a visit to the Pretoria Zoo.

Bower says he is honoured to be given the opportunity to speak at such a prestigious event. “This opportunity is made so much more special by the fact that the topic I get to speak about is something that is very close to the hearts of the Tuks FM staff. We have so much potential to innovate within the youth radio landscape, I think that it is very exciting for other radio professionals to see what we are doing.”

Leanne Kunz, Tuks FM’s Station Manager, will join a panel discussion called ‘What it Takes to Win’, which features representatives from each of the four Station of the Year winners (commercial, community, campus and PBS) at the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards. Kunz says the fact that two Tuks FM representatives will speak at the conference is a massive feather in the station’s cap. “Radio Days Africa features speakers from across the globe who are making their mark or innovating in some way or another, so for us to be included this year is a huge deal and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.”

Radio Days Africa, now in its 10th year, is hosted annually in Johannesburg. More than 350 delegates and 60 speakers from across the world attend the conference each year, which caters for a variety of sectors within the radio business. 

The conference runs from 3 – 5 July 2019 at the Wits Club in Johannesburg.

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Tuks FM has reclaimed the coveted Campus Station of the Year title – winning for a record fifth time – following the annual Liberty Radio Awards on 13 April.

Tuks FM is the only radio station in the country (commercial, community, PBS or campus) to have won the award as many times (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2019). It was also the second most nominated radio station in the country this year.

Other awards won by Tuks FM on the night include best Afternoon Drive Show, best Breakfast Show, best Music Show (Locals Only), best Night-time Show (Hip Hop Show) and Radio Innovation (Hear the Sights).

Tuks FM’s Station Manager, Leanne Kunz, says the awards are confirmation that the repositioning the station underwent in 2018 was strategically the right move. “We took a bold decision to make a complete 180 degree change in terms of the direction the station was moving in and the market it was speaking to. Essentially the whole of 2018 was spent managing those changes and putting structures and programmes in place to support them. It was a tough year with lots of ups and downs, but the whole crew jumped in and worked together to make it a success. These awards confirm that we did something right!”

Mike Bower, Programme Manager, conceptualised and oversaw an entirely new training programme for Tuks FM’s volunteers, which is a major contributor to the number of awards the station won. “When we first sat down and looked at what needed to change at Tuks FM, one thing stood out: the lack of focus on the listener was extremely apparent. We conceptualised a plan the focused on creating a Tuks FM that our listeners could be proud of. I think with 19 nominations and six wins, including Station of the Year, we are well on our way to getting to a point where our listener can be proud of us!”





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Tuks FM has secured 18 nominations for the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards to be hosted on 13 April at the Sandton Convention Centre.

In so doing, the radio station earned the title as the most-nominated campus radio station in the country, and the second most-nominated overall (campus, community, PBS and commercial), falling only three short of the radio station with the highest number of nominations for 2019.

Below is a list of all the nominations Tuks FM received:












16. TUKS FM 107.2

18. TUKS FM TOP 40.

Tuks FM is also the only campus or community radio station to be nominated in the Multi-Channel Promotion and Radio Innovation categories, with all the other nominees being commercial radio stations.

Station Manager, Leanne Kunz, says the achievement is a massive feather in their cap, and shows that the repositioning the station underwent in 2018 is bearing fruit. “We made sweeping changes at basically every level of Tuks FM’s operations in 2018 in a bid to realign ourselves with our core market. These included implementing a structured, intensive training programme under Programme Manager, Mike Bower, which has vastly improved our output overall. I think the number of nominations we received this year is a reflection of those changes, as well as a massive team effort to make Tuks FM the best campus radio station in the country.”

Tuks FM received nine nominations at the 2018 event, and won two awards, as well as two Bright Star accolades.

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Over R40 000 worth of goods were collected during the 2019 #Back2Varsity campaign, a partnership between Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and Tuks FM, which is in support of disadvantaged students of the University of Pretoria (UP).

Research conducted by the Higher Education Department estimates that about 216 000 students in South Africa are without suitable accommodation, and almost 400 000 beds are needed to meet its enrolment targets for 2030. This has resulted in thousands of squatting tertiary students needing urgent support.

Olive Ndebele, General Manager at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, said the #Back2Varsity campaign was far more than a charity drive. “It’s about our contribution to society, our appreciation of society, and our appreciation of what education means to the world, to our economy and to the individuals here. Education is so important  – it’s a maturity of the mind. It’s not just about getting a degree so you can get a job and a better paycheck. The way you express yourself and your opinions, your confidence – there is a great distinction between those that have been educated and those who have little exposure to education.”

Professor Tawana Kupe, Vice Chancellor and Principle of the University of Pretoria, emphasised the importance of community, and the role radio stations such as Tuks FM play in benefiting the communities they serve. “This initiative really is about community, and a community is about giving, because in a community to give is to be given. No community coheres if there is no state of giving. A community radio station’s job is to create a community, in this case consisting out of the University of Pretoria and its environment.”

David Kabwa, President of UP’s Student Representative Council, thanked both Menlyn and Tuks FM for contributing to student well being through the #Back2Varsity campaign: “To Menlyn, we are extremely grateful that you’ve joined in to help. Not only do students go to Menlyn to have fun, but now they also know that Menlyn is supporting them in reaching their academic success. To Tuks FM, what more can we say? On behalf of every single student of the University of Pretoria, on behalf of all the students who come through the doors of the Department of Student Affairs wondering how they can focus on their academics when it’s hard to focus on anything other than how hungry they are, thank you.”

All the items collected, which include non-perishable foods, stationery, clothing and toiletries, will be distributed via UP’s SNAPP (Student Nutrition and Progress Programme), which provides support to underprivileged students with food and related assistance.

In 2018, R30 000 worth of goods were collected during the #Back2Varsity campaign which provided approximately 170 students with meals for six months.

Bhaviksha Ramouthar – DSA, Thuli Zulu – SRC Deputy President, Prof Tawana Kupe – UP Vice Chancellor, David Kabwa – SRC President, Olive Ndebele – Menlyn General Manager.



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Following the success of last year’s Back2Varsity campaign, Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and Tuks FM have again joined forces to continue their support of students of the University of Pretoria. In 2018, the partnership was able to provide approximately 170 students with meals for six months.

Research conducted by the Higher Education Department estimates that about 216,000 students in South Africa are without suitable accommodation, and almost 400,000 beds are needed to meet its enrolment targets for 2030. This has resulted in thousands of squatting tertiary students needing urgent support.

“For this reason, in 2019 the Back2Varsity campaign will continue to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with necessities such as canned foods, stationery, toiletries and blankets amongst other things which will remain accessible to them throughout the year,” explains Olive Ndebele, General Manager at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre. “We recognise the need to support students. For this reason, we will continue working with Tuks FM to ensure both the shopping centre and its retailers are able to help them reach their academic goals.”

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre has set up collection boxes at their Starbucks Court, Ground Floor. These collection points are linked to customer purchases aimed at encouraging the Pretoria community and corporates to donate to students at the University of Pretoria from 28 January – 15 February 2019. Some retailers will match the donations made by customers, while others are encouraging customer support by linking their donations to Back2School prices.

“It is without a doubt that the donations received last year brought change to the students’ lives by ensuring that they had meals to sustain them during the day and enabled them to succeed in their studies. Hunger is an obstacle which we need to remove to ensure that students are not compromised in terms of attaining academic success,” said Dr Matete Madiba, Director: Student Affairs at the University of Pretoria.

Leanne Kunz, Station Manager of Tuks FM, says the radio station is only too happy to again be involved with an initiative as necessary and valuable as this one. “Many students are battling to keep their heads above water with the high costs involved with getting an education. The last thing they need is to also have to worry about where they’re going to get their next meal, or how they’re going to afford stationery or basic things they need to get them through the day. We were so encouraged by the success of last year’s event, and we’re determined to make Back2Varsity 2019 even more successful!”



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The frontman of Pretoria pop group, December Streets, recently came full circle when he visited Tuks FM’s studios along with a fellow band member.

Tristan Coetzee – a Tuks FM alumnus – and Dane Steinhobel performed the group’s latest single, Messed Up live on the Drive Show. Coetzee joined Tuks FM in 2009 as a volunteer for the station’s music department.

Now, 10 years later, Coetzee returned to his alma mater – an unofficial Tuks FM 10 year challenge!


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Tuks FM has undergone some massive changes in the last 12 months, all in hopes of better serving our market: the youth of Pretoria.

Here are some of the highlights of the past 12 months at Tuks FM, condensed into a few short minutes!


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The start of varsity is an exhilarating experience. You have finally completed matric and you are about to start studying what you actually love, or what you don’t necessarily love but have been accepted for. You are going to meet new people and put all that high school drama behind you! You feel as though you are on your way to a new life: you are an emerging adult – nothing gets sweeter than this. You will be living away from home and making your own rules… and the freedom! Yes, the freedom! No curfews or strict rules and being monitored – just the pure bliss of freedom, making new friends, meeting the love of your life (or not) and studying what you love!

Your first year in varsity is as exciting as it is challenging: no one can completely prepare you for it, just as no one can prepare you for any kind of change. The best a person can do is share experiences and hope that what we learn will at some point help you stay afloat. So here’s the reality:

Spatially, the university campus is BIG and you will have to attend classes that are so far apart – it will be almost impossible to skip cardio (because you have ten minutes to get to your next class – it’s not much, trust me). You will attend the wrong class for the first two weeks and discover new faces just before finals and wonder if these people were ever in your class to begin with. You will see student numbers that don’t necessarily start with “19” (which denotes the year in which a person begins their studies), it is not for you to judge or question, just mind your own. You will have too many friends or not so many friends, you will study hard and party harder (or vice versa), and you will eventually learn about balance and prioritizing. You will have various experiences, both delightful and dreadful, but the best part is the growth you encounter and the victory you witness at the end of the journey – however and whenever the journey ends.

In hopes of making your first year experience even more exciting and liveable, the Tuks FM family has some #FreshersAdvice for you:

  1. “Learn where the Thuto building is, it can get confusing. And finish your AIM module in your first year of studies.” – Suleyma Mustafa, Newsreader
  1. “Be prepared to walk in the wrong lecture hall at least twice. Just act cool, stand up, leave and keep it moving – it ain’t that deep.”- Thapelo Lekgwadi, Traffic presenter on Drive
  1. “Get familiar with the Library Services, it makes assignments much easier. Each faculty has its own section in Merensky. Attend lunch hour concerts on Thursdays at the Musaion.”- Angelica van Dou, Newsreader
  1. “The best toilet to take a dump in is in the EMS building (the ones you come across from the SSC). Also, join your module group chats and check your portal daily.”- Naledi Makgatho, Presenter.

And for the students who will be joining campus residence this year, Kopano Bookholane, a presenter at Tuks FM and Head of Community Engagement at House Mags, formerly known as House Magrietjie, had this to say: “When asked what advice I would give to a first year entering residence life I hesitate, because my lived experiences may not be another’s, and I guess that’s where I start: make residence life your own! Don’t live up to others’ experiences and expectations. Each class is different and therefore, will have different challenges, so make it your own. Within it all, it is about being relentlessly true to yourself and trusting in the magic of new beginnings.”

My final word of advice, which is equally as important as the others, is to make Tuks FM 107.2 the standard frequency on your radio: you will make amazing friends who will forever keep you company through great music and awesome chats.

Tuks FM wishes you all the best with your first year of varsity. Stay in school kids!

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Tuks FM is now also available on the internet-based music streaming service, Deezer.

Deezer currently has 53 million licensed tracks in its library, with 14 million active monthly users in 180 countries. Users can listen to Tuks FM on Deezer on all devices.

Leanne Kunz, Tuks FM’s station manager, says the partnership means that the station will be even more accessible. “Whether we like it or not, more and more people, especially those in our market, are using streaming music services. The idea behind this partnership is to have a presence on these platforms so that we’re accessible not only via our website and our terrestrial FM signal, but now also to those listening to their favourite playlists on Deezer. Because let’s face it, playlists are great, but people still crave that personal connection which radio offers. So, when users want a break from their playlist to connect with someone, we’re there.”

Tuks FM is also available to stream on the radio station’s website, at


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