The frontman of Pretoria pop group, December Streets, recently came full circle when he visited Tuks FM’s studios along with a fellow band member.

Tristan Coetzee – a Tuks FM alumnus – and Dane Steinhobel performed the group’s latest single, Messed Up live on the Drive Show. Coetzee joined Tuks FM in 2009 as a volunteer for the station’s music department.

Now, 10 years later, Coetzee returned to his alma mater – an unofficial Tuks FM 10 year challenge!


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The start of varsity is an exhilarating experience. You have finally completed matric and you are about to start studying what you actually love, or what you don’t necessarily love but have been accepted for. You are going to meet new people and put all that high school drama behind you! You feel as though you are on your way to a new life: you are an emerging adult – nothing gets sweeter than this. You will be living away from home and making your own rules… and the freedom! Yes, the freedom! No curfews or strict rules and being monitored – just the pure bliss of freedom, making new friends, meeting the love of your life (or not) and studying what you love!

Your first year in varsity is as exciting as it is challenging: no one can completely prepare you for it, just as no one can prepare you for any kind of change. The best a person can do is share experiences and hope that what we learn will at some point help you stay afloat. So here’s the reality:

Spatially, the university campus is BIG and you will have to attend classes that are so far apart – it will be almost impossible to skip cardio (because you have ten minutes to get to your next class – it’s not much, trust me). You will attend the wrong class for the first two weeks and discover new faces just before finals and wonder if these people were ever in your class to begin with. You will see student numbers that don’t necessarily start with “19” (which denotes the year in which a person begins their studies), it is not for you to judge or question, just mind your own. You will have too many friends or not so many friends, you will study hard and party harder (or vice versa), and you will eventually learn about balance and prioritizing. You will have various experiences, both delightful and dreadful, but the best part is the growth you encounter and the victory you witness at the end of the journey – however and whenever the journey ends.

In hopes of making your first year experience even more exciting and liveable, the Tuks FM family has some #FreshersAdvice for you:

  1. “Learn where the Thuto building is, it can get confusing. And finish your AIM module in your first year of studies.” – Suleyma Mustafa, Newsreader
  1. “Be prepared to walk in the wrong lecture hall at least twice. Just act cool, stand up, leave and keep it moving – it ain’t that deep.”- Thapelo Lekgwadi, Traffic presenter on Drive
  1. “Get familiar with the Library Services, it makes assignments much easier. Each faculty has its own section in Merensky. Attend lunch hour concerts on Thursdays at the Musaion.”- Angelica van Dou, Newsreader
  1. “The best toilet to take a dump in is in the EMS building (the ones you come across from the SSC). Also, join your module group chats and check your portal daily.”- Naledi Makgatho, Presenter.

And for the students who will be joining campus residence this year, Kopano Bookholane, a presenter at Tuks FM and Head of Community Engagement at House Mags, formerly known as House Magrietjie, had this to say: “When asked what advice I would give to a first year entering residence life I hesitate, because my lived experiences may not be another’s, and I guess that’s where I start: make residence life your own! Don’t live up to others’ experiences and expectations. Each class is different and therefore, will have different challenges, so make it your own. Within it all, it is about being relentlessly true to yourself and trusting in the magic of new beginnings.”

My final word of advice, which is equally as important as the others, is to make Tuks FM 107.2 the standard frequency on your radio: you will make amazing friends who will forever keep you company through great music and awesome chats.

Tuks FM wishes you all the best with your first year of varsity. Stay in school kids!

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Tuks FM is now also available on the internet-based music streaming service, Deezer.

Deezer currently has 53 million licensed tracks in its library, with 14 million active monthly users in 180 countries. Users can listen to Tuks FM on Deezer on all devices.

Leanne Kunz, Tuks FM’s station manager, says the partnership means that the station will be even more accessible. “Whether we like it or not, more and more people, especially those in our market, are using streaming music services. The idea behind this partnership is to have a presence on these platforms so that we’re accessible not only via our website and our terrestrial FM signal, but now also to those listening to their favourite playlists on Deezer. Because let’s face it, playlists are great, but people still crave that personal connection which radio offers. So, when users want a break from their playlist to connect with someone, we’re there.”

Tuks FM is also available to stream on the radio station’s website, at


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Tuks FM’s star performers were honoured at the radio station’s year end function at the weekend.

The event took place at the Harlequin Rugby Club in Groenkloof and was attended by 65 staff and volunteers.

Tuks FM has undergone sweeping changes in 2018, from a full format change i.e. a change in the type of music the station plays, to wholescale changes to the programming line-up, a new vision and mission, as well as a new strategy, culture and ethos.

Tuks FM’s station manager, Leanne Kunz, expressed gratitude to staff and volunteers, for playing their part in facilitating the changes and working together as a team. “When I look back to where we were when I started here in January and I compare that to where we are now…well, there is no comparison, it’s like night and day. The progress and the improvements we’ve made are phenomenal, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved together as a team. Each one of you, from management to the last volunteer we took on board in August, has played a part in bringing us to where we are today, and for that I thank you.”

Awards were presented to each department: music, production, marketing, presenting and news, as well as to the unit leader of the year, the personality of the year and the member of the year.

– Presenter of the year: Gregory Symington
– Music compiler of the year: Bonolo Matlala
– Producer of the year: Saul Oboth
– Marketer of the year: Laaiqah Bhika
– Unit leader of the year: Bile Diphoko
– Personality of the year: Max M’membe

The pièce de résistance – the member of the year accolade – is awarded to the volunteer who consistently goes over and above the call of duty, who is a top achiever is his/her department, who is enthusiastic and makes a positive contribution in all they do, and embodies everything it means to be a Tuks FM volunteer. This award went to Keabetswe Boya, the presenter unit leader, who in a very short time in her leadership position has made a massive positive impact. “With the amazing growth that I have seen at Tuks FM in just the past year all I can say is, what a time to be alive and be part of a great radio station that invests greatly in their talent. Greater things can only happen from here onwards.”

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Tuks FM volunteers with learners from the Prinshof school for the visually impaired

Tuks FM hosted the first of what will become an annual event for Prinshof school for the visually impaired at the Pretoria Zoo last week. The “Hear the Sights” initiative offers Prinshof learners the opportunity to experience all the sights the zoo has to offer, using the spoken word, as well as audio and tactile aids.

Nineteen Tuks FM volunteers took 24 Grade 6 Prinshof learners, along with chaperones from the school, on an audio-tactile journey through the elephant, giraffe and monkey enclosures, before heading off to experience the snake centre and the aviary. The learners were also taken to the tiger, crocodile, rhino and gorilla enclosures. Along the way, Tuks FM volunteers explained in detail what they were seeing, while audio clips of the different animals were played to the learners. They were also given objects which resembled the way the animals feel.

In preparation for the excursion, Tuks FM volunteers visited the school. They were blindfolded and guided around the school premises, in a bid to help them see things from a visually impaired person’s perspective.

Mike Bower – Tuks FM’s Programme Manager – conceptualised, organised and led the initiative. “The work that the teachers and staff do at Prinshof is absolutely phenomenal. We are hoping to set up a long term relationship with them where we use our skills as broadcasters to give each of their learners an excursion that makes them feel special and connected to their city!”

Bower adds that Tuks FM’s presenters also learned something in the process. “As a radio presenter, a large part of what you do is tell stories. By perfecting that craft, we will not only be adding to our presenters’ skillset, and by extension, our listeners’ experience, but we will also benefit Prinshof learners by offering them a truly unique experience.”

Corlia van Heerden, an English teacher at Prinshof, said she was very thankful to Tuks FM and all those involved in making the day possible. “I really hope the learners experience all the different sounds and things that, because of their disability, they are often denied.”

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Tuks FM’s new recruits were treated to a day of learning and getting to know each other at the weekend during the station’s orientation day.

Around 37 newbies were added to Tuks FM’s ranks across the different departments: Presenting, Content Production, News, Marketing, Music, and Technical and Production. The orientation day was about teaching the new recruits about Tuks FM’s culture and ethos,  filling them in on the station’s future plans and their roles in achieving the goals outlined in those plans.

An alumnus, Frankie du Toit, joined the team to share his experiences during his time at Tuks FM. The 947 Breakfast Club host also chatted to the team about radio in general, having also worked at 5FM and Jacaranda FM, and shared his insights regarding the industry.



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Tuks FM’s clients are happy clients!

KFC is sharing the love after several successful (and ongoing) campaigns with the station. Suzanne Theunissen, Local Store Marketing Manager for Mabilo Investments, trading as KFC, says “…including Tuks FM as one of our communication channels has proven time and again essential in driving the message and ensuring maximum awareness of our products and services.” Check out the full testimonial here:


Get in touch with us if you’d also like professional service, expert advice and maximum return on your investment. We offer various packages to suit your business and budget, and will tailor-make a solution for you!

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Three weeks of guessing the most random sounds ever are over, and three lucky winners are now collectively R35 000 richer!

Well done to Tebogo Lefatola, who won the grand prize of R20 000 last week! Goodness only knows how he managed to guess these three sounds:

Incidentally, they are the sounds of the Bokkie fountain, a ruler strummed on a desk and glasses knocked together.

In the early stages of the competition Stephen Crawford won R5 000 after he correctly guessed what these sounds are:

These sounds are concrete blocks being walked on, a walkie talkie and taxis hooting.

And, in week two, Stefney van Deventer won R10 000 after deciphering this mess:

Thanks to Brooklyn Mall for adding R15 000 to our R20 000 to really give the competition some zing!

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A charity drive hosted by Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in partnership with Tuks FM, has resulted in a huge amount of goods collected for disadvantaged students of the University of Pretoria (UP).

The ‘Back to School’ campaign called upon students, residents of Pretoria and businesspeople to contribute groceries, toiletries and blankets, among others, which will be donated, through Tuks FM, to UP’s Student Representative Council (SRC) to benefit students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The official handover of goods took place at Tuks FM’s studios on Monday.

Menlyn Park general manager, Olive Ndebele said the partnership with Tuks FM was part of their strategy to work with community media. “A lot of students aren’t financially able to support themselves. They may manage to pay their university fees, but can’t afford accommodation, food, stationery and toiletries. We thought we could get our customers to assist by donating items.”

She thanked Tuks FM and the community of the University of Pretoria for allowing Menlyn to be part of the initiative. “We are not just a shopping centre, we are about lifestyle, and lifestyle means also making positive contributions to the communities in which we operate. So students and education is something that is very close to our heart.”

Leanne Kunz, Tuks FM’s Station Manager, said they were very happy with the outcome of the campaign and would look to make the event an annual occurrence. “Tuks FM has always strived to improve the lives of the community it serves, a large part of which is made up of students of the University of Pretoria. We teamed up with Menlyn for this wonderful initiative because we understand that large parts of the student fraternity and their families are only just keeping their heads above water, considering the high cost of tertiary education.”

“We are ecstatic to be able to help students in any way we can, and even though it’s just a drop in the ocean, every little bit helps. We hope to be able to lighten the load for these students so that they can focus all their attention on completing their studies and reaching their full potential, as opposed to worrying about their next meal,” Kunz said.

The donations are being stored at Tuks FM’s offices in the interim. They will be collected and distributed to students by the SRC.

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