Several Tuks FM alumni joined the radio station’s training camp, held recently at LC de Villiers Sports Grounds.

Ayanda MVP (947 presenter on the Ayanda MVP show) and Rob Forbes (5FM presenter on the Forbes and Fix show) were among the alumni who shared their knowledge with 57 newbies who recently joined the Tuks FM family as volunteers. The new recruits will be discovering the exciting world of radio with on-the-job training in various areas of radio broadcasting including presenting, technical and audio production, marketing and graphic design.

Tuks FM has produced some of the biggest names in the broadcasting industry to date, including the likes of Anele Mdoda, Gareth Cliff and Rian van Heerden.

With a new station manager Leanne Kunz at the helm, Tuks FM has one major focus area this year, to realign itself with its core market: the youth in the greater Tshwane area, as well as students of the University of Pretoria. “Tuks FM will essentially rebrand itself to become a vibrant, relevant multimedia platform for the youth of Tshwane,” said, Kunz, explaining that “this training camp was the start of many great things to come for the station this year”.

An entirely new music format is on the cards, “so in the next month or so, listeners will start to hear a brand new Tuks FM. This along with a renewed effort to provide volunteers with the best possible training so they, in turn, can provide the community with quality, relevant content, is a major focus at the moment,” she said.

Other Tuks FM alumni who joined the training camp included Hennie Myburgh (JacarandaFM), Marietta Dercksen and Andre Kunz (5FM), who trained the teams on music scheduling, social media, and presenting and content production respectively.

A new programme manager, Mike Bower, also an alumnus, joined the team in March. He has many years of experience in the broadcasting industry, not only at Tuks FM, but also as programme manager at an online radio station, as well as a lecturer at Boston Media House.


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Tuks FM’s second annual 012 Radio Indaba, held at Boston Media House in Arcadia on 2 and 3 October, has been hailed a roaring success.

The event saw speakers – specialising in programming, presenting, news, music, and content creation – sharing their knowledge with students and others interested in pursuing a career in the media space. The event was free of charge and open to the public.

The first day opened with a panel discussion on the “Future of Radio in South Africa’. The panel featured consultant and head of BMH Radio, Tim Zunckel, 947 programme manager, Grant Nash, and Mix FM programme manager, Kudzayi Tiribabi. Each shared their views on the current status of the radio industry and what needs to be done to remain relevant in an ever-changing media landscape.

Zunckel, who has worked locally, on the continent, and abroad, said he didn’t think radio had changed that much in the last 10 or 15 years. “At its root, radio remains a connection between the presenter and the listener. No other medium can offer that same experience.”

Nash said technology was a powerful tool to use to learn exactly what audiences want and thus improve the listener experience: “We need to convert our FM listeners to digital listeners. If we can do that we can get data on them and then you can know your audience.”

947 presenter, Ayanda MVP, hosted a Q and A session on the radio industry. She spoke about the importance of hosting events such as the 012 Radio Indaba for youth in radio: “We need to remind people that we were once where they are. A lot of people assume that we just got to where were are, that we never underwent training, or started at campus level and worked our way up.” She added that radio should be seen as a relationship:

Other speakers present at the Indaba included 5FM’s Nicole da Silva, Kaya FM’s T-Bose Mokwele, 947’s Alex Caige and Jacaranda’s Kriya Gangiah.

The event will be held every year, with a bigger and better line-up planned for 2019.

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