Three weeks of guessing the most random sounds ever are over, and three lucky winners are now collectively R35 000 richer!

Well done to Tebogo Lefatola, who won the grand prize of R20 000 last week! Goodness only knows how he managed to guess these three sounds:

Incidentally, they are the sounds of the Bokkie fountain, a ruler strummed on a desk and glasses knocked together.

In the early stages of the competition Stephen Crawford won R5 000 after he correctly guessed what these sounds are:

These sounds are concrete blocks being walked on, a walkie talkie and taxis hooting.

And, in week two, Stefney van Deventer won R10 000 after deciphering this mess:

Thanks to Brooklyn Mall for adding R15 000 to our R20 000 to really give the competition some zing!