Every year in August and February, Tuks FM interviews for new recruits to join our team of volunteers.

This intake was different though, as the ‘newbies’ had to go through a reinvented week-long orientation process, affectionately dubbed Steve Week. Leanne Kunz, Tuks FM’s station manager, says the purpose of Steve Week is threefold: “Tuks FM is expanding rapidly and with that comes new positions and roles for our volunteers which are essentially uncharted territory for us. So firstly, Steve Week is about ensuring every volunteer understands who we are, who we speak to, our vision, mission, ethos and culture. It’s also about informing volunteers of their roles and responsibilities and exactly where their department fits in within the broader organisation.

Kunz says Steve Week is also about bridging the divide between the new recruits and existing volunteers. “We found that the new recruits were forming their own friendships while the ‘oldies’ stuck to their groups. The activities we created for Steve Week ensured that the newbies had to interact with the oldies and were made to work in teams to achieve certain outcomes. This proved very effective in bringing the two groups together.”

“Finally, Steve Week is about creating a sense of pride of belonging to Tuks FM; an understanding that this is the best possible platform to learn, gain valuable work experience and a skill set that will stand volunteers in good stead for the rest of their careers”, said Kunz.

Steve Week included a Tuks FM Olympics – in which teams participated in egg and spoon races, wheelbarrow races and several games aimed at encouraging social interaction – a Tuks FM Quiz and a Radio Drama. The week ended with a ‘Graduation Day’ which featured a full day’s training and a welcoming ceremony for the new recruits. Six Tuks FM alumni – Ayanda MVP (947), Monique Stander (Sony Music), JD Mostert (Kaya FM), Nadia Romanos (5FM), Zanele Potelwa (5FM) and Rob Perreira (RAM Touring) chatted to the crew and shared their knowledge in their specific fields of expertise.

Steve Week will no become a bi-annual event, with new recruits going through the process before starting training for their specific departments.