Tuks FM hosted an Alumni Reunion in Pretoria on Saturday which was attended by some 80 Tuks FM’ers of years past.

The event was an attempt to bring together the different eras of Tuks FM, and celebrate the radio station that in most cases was the start of a lifelong love for radio and media. The event was attended by well known alumni including Anele Mdoda, Rian van Heerden, Ayanda MVP and Rob Forbes.

Van Heerden, who was a guest speaker, said Tuks FM was where he discovered a passion he didn’t know existed. “Tuks FM gave me a career. I was just another law student when I came across a poster advertising for radio presenters at what was then Radio Tuks. I walked into the interview with my briefcase and said I wanted to be on air. From there, I discovered my calling in life; much more than just a job. And I have Tuks FM to thank for that.”

Bronwyn Hardick, who was part of Tuks FM’s marketing department in the early 2000s, said “A huge thank you to Tuks FM’s management for taking the initiative to make the Alumni Reunion happen. It was really special to have so many rad, passionate people together in one room.”

The event also featured an auction in which items such as posters, photo boards and newspaper articles were sold to the highest bidder.

The Alumni Reunion will become a regular part of Tuks FM’s events calendar moving forward.